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I drew some illustrations to the story “The hill of a younger sister”  for a folklore writer, before. Next two pictures are another versions for deviantART.

The looking like TSUZI-GA-HANA version by Nontaroff

About the TSU-JI-GA-HANA/辻ヶ花 dyeing

  SHOKU-HOH period /織豊時代(A.D1568-1600) It is called another “AZUCHI-MOMOYAMA安土桃山時代” 

This picture is another versions for DeviantART which is the looking like dyed the TSUJI-GA-HANA/辻ヶ花 version. The KI-MO-NO's armholes and sleeves are a bit small size than HEIAN-period(A.D794-1192)

It was called the KO-SO-DE/小袖, the women of the BUSHI class had worn the some KO-SO-DE one over another. The most outside on it was said “UCH-KAKE/打ち掛け” as long outer, that these were features of this period. Its the dyeing had been called TSU-JI-GA-HANA as the disappeared dyeing style, written by the literatures. It had been painted fleeting the life of flowers with smooth touches by hand freely. Sometime, it was very gorgeous painting with the gold dust and the gold leaf by the brush. 

I drew these submissions to use some free material of the Japanese pattern. The KI-MO-NO's pattern which are wearing two sisters, was not this period but after the late Meiji period.  Probably, I may think it was the design of the fabric which was used the model of pattern-papers to dye. 

That's a pity, the old cloth and the KI-MO-NO has be hardly remained before the Edo period (A.D1603-1867).  Because the KI-MO-NO had be reused from the mother to the daughter and so on relatives, that they had worn to cherish until unusable. After that, these were still used as some parts of patchworks. 

The looking like KYO-YUZEN version by Nontaroff

About the YU-ZEN/友禅 dyeing 

The YU-ZEN, It's mean the general name about dyeing with the design. Originally, all the YU-ZEN were dyed by hand-painting. There were some variations and some names, from local areas. The two famous of brands, that the made in KYOTO was called KYO-YU-ZEN/京友禅, and the made in KANAZAWA area was called KAGA-YU-ZEN/加賀友禅. The area was known as the KAGA Domain/加賀藩 ruled by MAEDA Family/前田利家の一族

In contrast to the two, KATA-YU-ZEN/型友禅 was different. It's not mean local area, but it's one of the way of dyeing. It was used the model of pattern-papers to dye for mass produced dyeing clothes as like hand-painted YU-ZEN. Probably, anyone thought to oneself that the mass production was very easy. But It was very difficult. Because, It was needed many skilled craftsmen who had high-technique as different of dyeing
:) (Smile) 

Thank you very much, for reading!


The connection for historical fans,

Would you look please, If you have interest.

The two sisters from a folk tale by Nontaroff

 The looking like TSUZI-GA-HANA version
 The looking like KYO-YUZEN version




Artist | Hobbyist | Other
My name is Haruma Nontarofu
I like“funny and sharp”.
Humor is important in my life!

I love ancient history and people, especially around the 5-10th century, the Nomadic people and historical research.
There are many great books in this world. I like to draw&paint pictures that I was impressed to read them.
History books of Chinese classics(漢籍) has left huge records.
There is hidden a number of drama that is not represented.    
In ancient 5-10th century, Nomads had built their own culture in Eurasian Steppe.Their history is almost not been elucidated.
Their communication was speaking only. ……Just like PC …… input and output.(No print out? ……paperless?? Amazing!!)
In the same way as current us, they also dreamed of the future, sometimes crying,giggling……it’s delightful.

Imagine of their feeling and thinking is the driving force for my creations.
thank you very much for reading.

I speak only Japanese. I'm beginner in English. So that I write on writings in English while looking up dictionaries. Please would you excuse me if I have a little bit mistakes in grammar and spelling.


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bobswin Featured By Owner May 5, 2017
Many thanks for the Fave on my
Ravenna Mosaic 5 by bobswin  :D
Nontaroff Featured By Owner May 7, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
You are welcome!!
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Starry Night (5) You are welcome!!+favlove :) (Smile) v
Jakeukalane Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
very interesting to find an artist about japan history and history in general :D

I did this: At the Imperial Guard campament (animated version) editing a very well known (and funny) scroll:…

The history I posted was ficticious, but the scroll may have interest for you :D
Nontaroff Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
I like the Eurasian history, until 10th century. Sorry! The submissions were all Nomadic peoples in the Eurasia!:D (Big Grin)  So soon,I'll post some Digital-works about Japanese KIMONO.:) (Smile) Thank you very much your comment and  submission.
Jakeukalane Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ah!! :) yeah, well, my main historic interest is Mesopotamia, III BC millenium hehehe but I like all history, also greek. Very interesting works you do, I have watch your work so I will not miss.  The last historic-related work I did is this: The Natmusathakhjak. It is obviously ficticious, but has also links to wikipedia articles :) That is what I meant by "I like all history" :) although my main topic is mesopotamian I also like others. And I know very little about japanese history. So, it will be interesting :D :D :D
Nontaroff Featured By Owner Edited Apr 19, 2017  Hobbyist Artist

Surely Mesopotamia is interesting!:) (Smile) 

Your information that I had seen it somewhere, o! it was Hegassen/屁合戦. I'm laughing×2

なんかどっかで見たな〜と思ったら、屁合戦だったのか、笑った〜:D (Big Grin) b

You know as well, It was a very rare picture scroll.:o (Eek) Sorry, I withhold fav,because It is not sketch but photo-manipulation.Roll Eyes 

Your works are great!  I think I will watch your Gallery, leisurely!+favlove 

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Thank you very much for the fav.
Nontaroff Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
You are welcome!:) (Smile) 
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